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My Story

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In early 2007, my doctor informed me that my cholesterol was over 200 and I should be placed on immediate medication.  On that day, my cholesterol was 242.  I told my doctor to give me a few months to get it down naturally by incorporating Oats into my daily diet, along with the exercise regimen that I was already consistantly maintaining.  Now after three consecutive months of consuming 2 daily bowls of prepackaged oatmeal and cereals, I proudly had my blood work analyzed, only to find out now that my cholesterol went from 242 to 250.  Through my devastation, I decided to do my own research.  I learned that while oats does actually reduce one's cholesterol, combining it with processed foods significantly reduces its effectiveness.  I decided to go all natural, without skimping on the taste.  My daughter, Aundria Nicole and niece, Kristian Nicole were my taste testers.  My research led me to using a local Texas honey and Cinnamon.  The combination is explosive in more ways than one when consumed on a regular basis.  Also, high levels of Cinnamon reduces one's sugar metabolism which causes no sugar spikes.  Great for low sugar dieters and diabetics!  Trust me, many have been tried and tested on our products.  Now, this combination along with my secret herbs and spices plummeted my cholesterol by 81 points in 11 months.  During my doctor's watchful eye, as with every three months of having my blood work checked, my doctor would notice how my numbers were gradually coming down.  He said, "Jasonja, I don't see anything in your blood work that would explain your numbers dropping as they are.  What are you doing?  If you could only imagine the expression on his face when he saw me pull from my purse a cookie.  I shrugged my shoulders and said, "It's the cookie that I created.  I eat one twice a day.  I'm great at researching doctor".  He stated "A cookie?  Well whatever you're doing, keep it up".  I decided at that point to go all the way!  I had the cookies tested for the nutritional value at Texas Women's University and the numbers were great!  After that, I began giving my cookies away as gifts.  Then one day, my dentist office called requesting an order of several dozen.  I was shocked because I hadn't planned on selling them.  I then contacted Lynn Plato of Tangerine Cafe Design Group to create a professional logo for our brand, and did she!  Although highly interested, the public schools couldn't afford to pick them up, but that didn't stop Whole Foods Market from doing so.  I was invited to come to their corporate office for an interview in July of 2009.  In March of 2010, THE ALL-NATURAL-HEALTHY COOKIE launched in all of the Dallas area Whole Foods Markets stores, with only the six flavors that I'd developed at the time, and the rest is history!  Now, our product line  has grown to over 30 items consisting of our All-Natural-Healthy Cookies, Brownies, Muffins and Pie Tarts, mixed with a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and more wonderful superfoods as I continue to research healthy combinations.  


Our products are now exclusively sold on our online webstore, all three Texas Bodybuilding Federations, Europa Dallas Games and CrossFit Competitions. 


My goal is to encourage everyone, everywhere to eat deliciously healthy!  I'm thankful that these hands are being used for that purpose.  

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