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Cookies per dozen


Welcome to our wide array of The All-Natural-Healthy Cookies!


By design, each cookie is made by hand of real foods, nothing processed, artificial, or immitation; all perfectly balanced of the finest of ingredients made with raw Texas honey and high levels of Cinnamon designed to keep your sugar matabolism at a healthy balance.  You can choose from cookies made with our oat base, or others made from unbleached flour.  We use real salted butter, egg whites, natural pure cane, real fruits and vegetables such as beets, blueberries (only 7 in every blueberry cookie), baby carrots, kale, raisins (only 10 raisins per Raisin cookie), a very high protein natural peanut butter with flaxseed and Omega 3, dark chocolate chip (10 morsels only on every Dark Chocolate Chip cookie) which is good for the heart.


For our items made with nuts, they are chopped and placed atop of each Original cookie, and then hand pressed into the dough.  With all of our ALL-NATURAL-HEALTHY COOKIES, what you see is what you get with the exception of our Kale, Kale-Carrot, Exotico, Pollenation, Almond Kale, Kale Yeah and Almond Pecan brownie.  You just can't get enough Kale in your body!  Everything else is hand pressed atop of the Original cookie or the unbleached flour cookie.  Each item is individually packaged and labeled, including the macros.


By doing this, I can ensure that every cookie is made to perfection with your best interest at heart!  We do all of the work for you!  But please, don't forget to count your carbs daily if you've been instructed to do so.    


*simple,  fresh & delivered to your door
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